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At Epik Adventure Guides, we are adventurers at heart. For years we have travelled Ecuador’s mountains, jungles, rivers and sea, looking to satisfy our immense craving to know what is beyond what our eye reaches, always in direct contact with nature. The desire to share the feeling we get out of what we do out of passion, is what motivated us to create Epik and to show the world our experiences and knowledge about what this little but immeasurable country, Ecuador, has to offer.

At Epik, we offer life experiences through deep connections with nature, local culture and our own personal trajectory, to help our travellers reach their highest personal potential while venturing the outdoors. Our design proposal for custom made trips carry an added value for adventure, healthy local food, and wellness of mind, body, heart and soul.

Epik is proud to have exceptional and highly qualified adventure tour guides, who are profoundly passionate about what they do, and who have a deep sense of humanity and respect for fellow human beings, as well as for nature.

Let us build together an experience you will cherish for a lifetime!

Epik Adventure Guides

Av. Panamericana Km 22.
Barrio La Victoria.
Quito. Ecuador