10 Best African Safari Lodges for Families

10 Best African Safari Lodges for Families

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Luangwa Safari House in Zambia

Can you imagine waking up to a brilliant sunrise over the savannah before heading out on a real safari? Africa is a beautiful and diverse continent, and choices abound when it comes to game-viewing destinations for families.

If planning a trip there, you’ll want to select a location with easy access (close to an airport) and facilities designed with children in mind. You’ll want to stay in a malaria-free region, too, so that your family doesn’t need to take preventative medication. You’ll want to confirm any age requirements before booking your safari accommodations, as well, since many lodges set an age limit on game drives. Still, many offer children’s programs with age-appropriate activities so your kids can get the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Here are 10 options for safari-going families.

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