10 Rules for Flying with Small Children

10 Rules for Flying with Small Children

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Have you ever gotten on a plane and realized you were seated next to a baby or a small toddler? Did you think to yourself, “Great. Just great. What did I do to deserve this?” If you have, just know that you’re the worst. This is not for you.

No, this is for the parents of those small children. You brave and unfortunate souls. That person I just described is the worst because they don’t realize that nobody hates being on a plane with a small child more than the parents of that small child. It’s a stressful and nerve-wracking experience, mostly because you’re so conscious of everyone else on the plane and you know that unless everything goes perfectly, there’s a good chance your kid is going to piss off everyone around them at some point.

This is for the people with children anywhere up to the point where you can sit them in front of an iPad for four hours. If your kid is old enough to sit and watch a bunch of movies or Doc McStuffins episodes without grabbing the tablet and trying to eat it, congratulations, you’re in the clear. Just do that. For everyone else, here are a set of 10 rules that you should absolutely follow if you want to survive flying with your offspring.

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  1. Jenn says:

    My husband and I have flown with both our children since they were infants. It is second nature to them! We did international travel when the youngest was three. We do pack toys and games as well as snacks. The children have always behaved on flights. I disagree with not traveling with young children! If we are going raise a generation to better understand the world and its people then traveling while children are young is a must.

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