3 Ordering Tricks for When There’s No Kid’s Menu

3 Ordering Tricks for When There’s No Kid’s Menu

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I have a love-hate relationship with kids’ menus.

I grumble every time I pay $8 for obviously frozen chicken fingers, buttered pasta or macaroni and cheese that clearly came out of a box (especially when the restaurant serves fresh, high-quality food to adults).

At the same time, I often feel a what-will-she-eat moment of worry when there isn’t a kids’ menu for my picky 6-year-old daughter.

This is why I’ve come up with a number of ordering tricks for when I want to bypass a kids’ menu that’s just too junky, and for when we dine out at restaurants that don’t have special options for kids (like many of the restaurants we ate at during a family trip to Paris). Today’s hint is three of my tricks.

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