5 Tips for Family Adventure Travel

5 Tips for Family Adventure Travel

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1. Start your planning early!
Getting started 8-10 months before your intended departure date gives you and your family plenty of time to get all your ducks (or kids) in a row. Many of us are master procrastinators, but leaving planning—especially for international travel—to the last minute can add unnecessary stress to what should be a fully enjoyable experience. Besides simply allowing yourself ample time to make decisions and sort details without stress, studies show that beginning the planning process early builds a sense of anticipation and can create more enjoyment surrounding the trip. Take the opportunity to reduce stress and create more joy for the trip by getting an 8-10 month head start on your plans.

2. Know your family needs
IMG_2692.jpgStart by designating one “point person” for the family. This person will be responsible for interacting directly with the travel agent or tour operator. If possible, get the family together to sit down and discuss each person’s wants, needs, and expectations. Perhaps the kids are old enough for dinner alone and were looking forward to having that time to themselves, but Grandma was expecting a family dinner each night. Considering each person’s individual needs and personality will help you plan a trip that will be enjoyable for everyone.

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