5 Volunteer Vacations for Families

5 Volunteer Vacations for Families

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Give your kids the chance to lend a hand and leave a meaningful impact on the communities they visit.

Parents want to raise caring, compassionate children who give back to their community. And there’s no better way to foster a lifelong passion to make a difference in the world than planning a family trip that aims to support and leave a long-lasting impact on different communities. A number of kid-friendly travel destinations are creating ways for families to lend a hand by volunteering a few hours (or longer) on projects that may be the highlight of the trip. “Just as parenting is about more than showing and telling, so too is family travel increasingly about seeing and doing, especially doing things that build character and compassion,” says Ethan Gelber, editorial director for the Family Travel Association.

The five volunteer vacation ideas below combine travel and service into a transformational learning experience for the entire family.

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