7 Ways to Save For and Plan an Affordable Family Vacation

7 Ways to Save For and Plan an Affordable Family Vacation

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Hopefully my article last month on 5 Good Things You Will Experience When Traveling with Children inspired you to start planning a trip with your kids. One question I get asked a lot is how we afford to travel so much. Traveling as a family is extremely important to us, so we prioritize it. To make it work we restructured our family budget and became strategic with how we spend while on vacation. Below are some tips on how we make family travel affordable.

Create a Savings Account Specifically for Traveling

If you have a savings account specifically for traveling you won’t spend that money on anything else. When an opportunity to travel presents itself you will easily know upfront if you can make it happen or not.

Restructuring your Budgets

For many families like my own, if you create a travel savings account it means you will have to shift spending elsewhere because that extra cash won’t appear from thin air. One year I looked at my credit cards’ year in review statement and I was in shock at how much we spent on restaurants, mainly because we were just too lazy to cook. After seeing this, we reduced our eating out budget and applied those funds to our travel savings account.

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