A New Family Tradition: the 24-Hour Layover

A New Family Tradition: the 24-Hour Layover

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When planning this year’s trip to Spain, I faced a dilemma. Flights were not only expensive, but the connections between the U.S. and Ibiza were so bad that our choices included either very long layovers or switching airlines to make it to the islands within a 24-hour period.

Switching airlines means collecting baggage and battling security a second time — something I knew wasn’t an option with two cranky kids and no sleep. So our clever travel agent made a suggestion: Forget about making the trip in one day and embrace the inconvenience by spending a day somewhere en route.

We chose Barcelona, one of my favorite cities in Europe, because I knew it would be a hit with my kids. The result? A magical 24 hours, and the beginning of a new family tradition: the extended layover.

Here’s a few tips on how to transform an inconvenience into a great experience:

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