About FTA

About FTA

The FTA is the leading non-profit trade association that provides tools, resources, education and certification to travel advisors, travel media and travel suppliers in an effort to increase the quality and experience of family travel. As the guiding authority within the industry, the FTA ultimately aspires to empower more families to travel and discover what’s possible.

Where We Began

The FTA—the only association of family travel professionals—was created to provide its members with benefits that include: research reports, industry intelligence, specialization training and resources, best practices and networking opportunities. Members are equipped to better serve traveling families and grow their businesses.

In 2015, the FTA launched an annual Summit: a trade-only, conference-style event that brings together the leading stakeholders and key influencers in family travel to connect and gain valuable insights via inspiring presentations, interactive workshops, enlightening research and a diverse array of networking opportunities.

The FTA has also developed a professional development program for travel advisors called the FTA Academy, inclusive of a comprehensive training and certification program, in conjunction with a resource center designed to guide travel advisors who either currently do, or aspire to, specialize in family travel.

Where We’re Going

The next phase of the FTA’s evolution will introduce the boldest and perhaps most important initiative to date. In 2022, the FTA will launch a series of Family-Friendly Standards and Guidelines outlining how the travel industry should be serving the specific interests, unique needs and expectations of traveling families. The initiative will include training, certification and marketing programs for those organizations that qualify. This will not only help travel advisors identify which companies and suppliers to work with when planning their clients’ family travel, it will help consumers assess where and how to travel with their families.