AirTreks Featured In 5-Day Family Travel Radio Series

AirTreks Featured In 5-Day Family Travel Radio Series

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Family Travel Radio has partnered with FTA Member Air Treks on a five-episode series that not only focuses on the life-changing aspects of around-the-world travel, but also deals with some of the biggest issues parents face when deciding to prioritize family time and resources for travel.

Over five episodes, Family Travel Radio host Aaron Schlein interviews:

  • Sara Habib – General Manager of Air Treks
  • Shellie Bailey-Shah – Editor of KidTripster
  • Daniel Gamber – Travel Planner at Air Treks
  • Nicola Cook – Travel Planner at Air Treks
  • Amy Meerstra – Nomads Media Group

Telling the stories of their own personal journeys – from child, to adult, to traveling parent – each guest focuses on one or more of the challenges all parents face when planning any family trip, as well as the five core steps that can turn family travel inspiration into the vacations that transform us.

Sara Habib

In Episode 1, “Ready to dream bigger?” Sara Habib discusses a three-week trip she took that ended in July 2019. Habib talks about how her love for travel was fostered by her own parents, who took her, her brother, and her sister camping all across the continental United States.

Travel was always something discussed around Habib’s childhood family dinner table, helping each member dream about where they wanted to visit, and what they wanted to see, a tradition she carries on now with her young family.

“The family dinner table is the place where these discussions happen.”

In Episode 2, “Every dream needs a plan,” Shellie Bailey-Shah talks about how she got the travel bug in 2008, when she was diagnosed with cancer. Sensitized to the frailty of her life, Bailey-Shah and her family made a commitment to traveling sooner, rather than later.

“Being diagnosed with cancer has the tendency to change your perspective and priorities. It forces you to do things and stop planning.”

Bailey-Shah talks about the difficulty she and her husband faced getting three consecutive months off together for an around-the-world trip, and how they developed Plan B – she departing for the first 45 days on her own with their two boys, and her husband catching up with the family midway through the trip.

Shellie Bailey-Shah

Additionally, Bailey-Shah and her family didn’t have unlimited funds, so she made great use of hostels and the homes of family and friends in some of their destinations. The family also decided to sell the boys’ backyard jungle gym to raise some of their vacation funds.

“We wanted them invested. It was a life lesson. Things cost money.”

In Episode 3, Daniel Gamber focuses on budgeting, in “It’s time to put your money where your dreams are.” A Navy brat, Gamber was born in Spain, and took his first transformational trip when he was 10 years old. His father was overseas on an aircraft carrier, and “our mom got the idea to take my brother and I, and meet him in Hong Kong.”

Daniel Gamber

One of the most powerful things he remembered on that trip was their first dinner together, sitting around a large communal table, with waiters bringing out different plates of food. “I didn’t know what they were serving. And my mother was shy in trying it. When I tried something no one else did, I got a lot of encouragement and feedback. I kept that for the rest of my life, that food is a part of travel I love,” and that trying something new and different is a very positive thing.

Gamber offers his tips on finding ways to economize during the planning phase, thinking about meals, accommodations and potential overland travel options that can help reduce costs.

In Episodes 4 & 5, “Book,” and “Go,” Nicola Cook and Amy Meerstra, talk about the courage you may need to finally commit to your trip.

Nicola Cook

Amy Meerstra

A single mom of three boys, and mentor/coach who enjoys helping people live inspirational lives, Meerstra describes the courage she needed to ask for time off from her employer.

“He saw how important this was to me, and said, ‘That’s amazing. Well, we don’t want to lose you for three months, but I get it.”

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