The Most Annoying Things About Family Travel

The Most Annoying Things About Family Travel

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The thrills (and spills!) of parenting seem to be amplified when you’re on vacation. Like, your kid isn’t just crying because she’s tired—she’s crying because she’s jet-lagged and thinks day is night. And she has an audience of 250 people on a plane, with no exit strategy. It’s enough to make parents want to turn every spring break into a staycation, but frankly, that feels like giving in—chaos doesn’t need to win. Whatever your frustrations are, know that you’re not alone: A 2017 survey of its customers by Kid and Coe, a company that helps families of all sizes find a higher-end vacation rental or hotel, found that we share a lot of the same concerns about family travel.

The No. 1 “family travel annoyance” is…


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