Autism-Friendly Travel

Autism-Friendly Travel

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Traveling can bring a family closer as they explore and learn together. However, the journey to the destination can be difficult. The break from structured day-to-day life, the crowds, security lines, and waiting can stress out the most patient of adults, so, how do you get your kids through the chaos — especially if the child is on the autism spectrum or has special needs? Well, the experts say that preparation is the key to successful travel.

There are a number of organizations that aid families traveling with children on the spectrum or with other special needs. The services available range from providing a list of approved resorts and airlines, to organizing group travel or arranging staff to care for children during the vacation.

Travel companies are increasingly offering additional services to become more accessible. Some airlines — such as Delta, JetBlue, and United — offer travel recommendations for families traveling with children with special needs, and in some cities, offer simulations of the boarding process with the help of organizations like Autism Speaks.

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