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Become a Media Member



The mission of the FTA is to inspire (more) families to travel (more). The Media Center was created to bring together a vetted collection of media professionals who are experts on the subject of family travel. By facilitating connections and strengthening relationships between the media and the travel industry, our goal is to increase the coverage and raise awareness of issues surrounding family travel. By providing a platform for networking and professional development opportunities, the FTA strives to broaden the expertise and amplify the perspective of all our media members, while advancing its advocacy on the issues most important to our industry.

Benefits of Media Center Membership

FTA Media Center members receive:

  • Professional recognition as a media expert on the subject of family travel
  • Connections to industry suppliers, destinations, travel agents, and peers
  • Opportunities to pitch stories, amplify your work, and participate in exclusive FTA press trips

We are committed to servicing members in ways that fit into their busy lives. This includes hosting regional meet-ups, sponsoring intermittent Webinars, and potentially communicating through SMS.


To qualify for membership in the FTA Media Center, individuals must:

  • Have experience traveling with children and/or young family relatives
  • Have published work on the subject of family travel within the last six months (samples/links required)
  • Maintain an active blog and/or social media platform
  • Demonstrate a high level of professionalism and dedication to helping traveling families
  • Pay an annual fee of $85

Apply For Membership

Step 1: Submit Application
Your application will be reviewed by media members of FTA’s Board of Advisors to ensure that you meet membership criteria.

Step 2: Receive Approval
An invoice will be sent once registration is reviewed and approved.

Step 3: Payment Options
Once you receive your invoice, you can pay via check or call to pay via credit card.


Email the FTA team directly for more information.


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