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Become a Media Member



The mission of the FTA is to inspire (more) families to travel (more). By facilitating connections and strengthening relationships between the media and the travel industry, our goal is to increase the coverage and raise awareness of issues surrounding family travel. By providing a platform for networking and professional development opportunities, the FTA strives to broaden the expertise and amplify the perspective of all our media members, while advancing its advocacy on the issues most important to our industry.

Benefits of Media Membership

FTA Media members receive:

  • Professional recognition as highly qualified media professional with expertise on the subject of family travel
  • Free registration to the annual FTA Summit and other FTA events
  • Professional Development
  • Select Opportunities to help produce FTA content on a paid for hire basis as they arise
  • Opportunities to participate in FTA advocacy initiatives
  • Opportunities to work with FTA partners as they arise
  • Access to insights/research studies on current trends within the family travel industry
  • Press visit opportunities hosted by FTA members as they arise
  • A portfolio space to show off accomplishments and clips on the FTA website and opportunities to showcase clips in the FTA newsletter
  • Access to FTA Links, a Facebook-based networking platform to connect with FTA members

We are committed to servicing members in ways that fit into their busy lives. This includes hosting regional meet-ups, sponsoring intermittent Webinars, and potentially communicating through SMS.

Become a Member

Annual Membership Fee: $85

Step 1: Submit Registration

Step 2: Payment Options

  • Pay online here
  • By check:
    (payable to Family Travel Association)
    Send to:
    Family Travel Association
    2715 Avenue E
    Cody, WY 82414
  • By PayPal: Use email address:


Email the FTA team directly for more information.


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