Bike Tours for Families

Bike Tours for Families

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Bicycle tours are a great way for your family to explore a region or country. Together you get a feel for a new terrain, the sights and smells, history, culture, and people–experiences that aren’t always possible from a train or rental car.

Another bonus for parents? Built-in physical activity every day means worn out kids at night!

Choosing your family bike tour

As you begin your search for the perfect bike tour for your family, one of the top things to consider is whether you would most enjoy a self-guided experience or a guided experience.

Self guided or guided?

Your family might enjoy the independence of a self-guided bicycle tour, which allows you to ride at your own pace and make stops at sites (and ice cream shops) that interest you. Self-guided tours are also a great value, with most costing less than $1,000 for one week and even less for children sharing rooms with parents.


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