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Angie Wheeler – The Unique Traveler

Angie Wheeler, an ASTA verified Travel Advisor, has been a Travel Advisor since 2014. Her Agency, The Unique Traveler, is part of the Oasis Travel Network and a member of the Signature Travel Network Consortia. She is a Family Travel Specialist, and spends her days helping individual and multi-generational families plan special, memorable vacations to celebrate life achievements. She believes that some of the best memories families can make are while they are on a vacation, enjoying being together, as a family. It’s hugely important, in this fast paced world, to take time for yourself to reconnect with yourself and your family. This is why Family Travel is an enrichment for both body and soul. When not planning vacations, she enjoys taking them with her own family. Their recent Alaskan cruise was one of their favorites and a destination she highly recommends to other families. She lives in St. Louis with her husband and two children.