Why I Don't Need My Own Kids to Be a Family Traveler

Why I Don't Need My Own Kids to Be a Family Traveler

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A more traditional family in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia

I look at the little square on the electronic form and my mouse hovers over the top of it. I hesitate, think about my life as a solo, independent woman – husbandless, childless, boyfriendless – and I suddenly I feel bold. A smile forms across my face and I click the mouse on the box that reads “Family Travel Blogger.”

I’m never going to have kids. That’s my choice – my clock never woke up and that’s just fine – I’d much rather travel then be a mother. But I still stand by my mark on the form – yes, I’m a childless family travel blogger. I boldly believe there is nothing wrong with this because the definition of family is evolving and I’m one of the growing number of people in this world who defines family in a non-traditional way.

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