Children/Adventure Travel: How Safe? How Beneficial?

Children/Adventure Travel: How Safe? How Beneficial?

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The ease, speed and comforts of modern travel enable parents to take ever younger children to ever more exotic and adventurous destinations.
But is it reasonable to do so because it’s possible?

Here are some thoughts:

  1. Family adventure travel is a rapidly growing segment of the travel industry. More young children are going on safari in Africa, viewing Inca ruins at 11,000 feet in Peru, and hiking at even higher altitudes in the Himalayas. One upscale adventure travel organization which operates cruises to exotic destinations, including Antarctica, has a Young Explorers Club which provides “hands-on programs to make trips both adventurous and educational.”
  2. Look at adventurous travel through the eyes of young children. “Are my parents overlooking my health and safety to further their sense of adventure, boast to their friends about where they have been, celebrate a financial windfall or show me to my grandparents in Nigeria or India, or wherever? Am I just another backpack?”

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