Doolin Hostel: Family Friendly Lodging in Ireland

Doolin Hostel: Family Friendly Lodging in Ireland

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Located in the ‘small wee’ village of Doolin on Ireland’s west coast, where traditional music and stunning scenery draw tourists by the busload, the Doolin Hostel provides a comfortable, affordable stay for families.

The oranges, pinks and yellows in the sunset mimic the colors of Doolin’s buildings. Photo taken from the front lawn of Doolin Hostel.

I’ve been visiting Ireland for over a decade, but until this past fall (October 2014), I had never stayed in a hostel. I had no reason to avoid them but, being in my 30s and traveling with children, I didn’t view hosteling as a lodging alternative. I had the notion that my husband and I might be too old, or my kids too young.

And though that may be the case for some hostels, it is not the case for all. Which I learned first hand at Doolin Hostel.

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