DOT studies pricing models that split up families flying together

DOT studies pricing models that split up families flying together

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Over the past decade, as most U.S. airlines have begun charging extra for choice economy seats, it has become more complicated for those traveling as a party to secure seats together without paying an up-charge.

It was for that reason that in July 2016, Congress instructed the DOT to review and determine if new airline regulations need to be developed to ensure that children are seated with adult family members, free of extra cost, “to the maximum extent practicable.”

The measure, which was part of a bill that reauthorized FAA funding, called for the review to be completed — and for the DOT to have implemented regulations, if needed — by last July 15. Now, more than seven months after that deadline passed, the DOT says it has completed the review. But to date, the agency hasn’t revealed if it will suggest new rules or, for that matter, when it intends to make any such decision.


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