Escaping to Amy’s Farm

Escaping to Amy’s Farm

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Reveling in the joys of having an organic farm nearby

A rare rainstorm sprinkled much needed droplets on our heads as Chris and I walked across a small farm located in our neighborhood in Ontario, CA. Randy, the farm’s owner, walked just in front of us describing the process of organic gardening. “We use compost and goat and chicken droppings for fertilizer and volunteers help us pull unwanted weeds.” A goat yelled after Randy as if to prove a point. Looking at the expanse of fresh greens and root vegetables thriving on Amy’s Farm, Chris and I couldn’t believe we had found such a haven in the middle of the Inland Empire. Amy’s Farm grows a wide variety of seasonal produce and offers a CSA program for families and individuals interested in eating food that is rich in nutrients and lacking in chemicals. Two walk-in refrigerators and a spacious room are often filled with pumpkins, salad greens, eggplants, carrots, pomegranates, peppers, turnips, kale, lemons, blood oranges, and many other seasonal goodies. These rooms are open for visitors at all hours of the day and CSA members are free to take their weekly share at any time. The farm also encourages community members to volunteer. “We only have two rules for volunteers,” said Randy in the middle of our tour. “First, they need to sign-in. Second, they need to take a little produce with them when they leave.”

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