Ever Imagine Taking a Year-Long Family Vacation? For Some, It’s Not a Daydream

Ever Imagine Taking a Year-Long Family Vacation? For Some, It’s Not a Daydream

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Europe, Jordan, Southeast Asia, New Zealand, Australia and South America. Organizing a family vacation to just one of these locations would be a herculean task. But to visit them all?

It took the Totaro family one year to plan and 11 months to pull off.

“We had talked about it for a long, long time, since the girls were born,” said Paige Totaro, mother of twin daughters and family travel consultant with All Over the Map. “We realized once they hit sixth grade, we better start making a plan or it wasn’t going to happen.”

Traveling the world is a merely a wish for most individuals. But for some families, like the Totaros, it is a serious goal that can be accomplished with detailed planning, flexibility and creativity to arrange the basic food and lodging and create a curriculum for a memorable and valuable education when children are involved.

“Learning goes well beyond academic learning. It requires real-life experiences to supplement what’s taught in the classroom,” said Rainer Jenss of his family’s extended trip to 28 countries with his wife and two boys. “We really did want to, as a gift to our children, provide them with a foundation of having an experience like this. We felt it was important for them to understand the way Americans do things is not the only way.”

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