The Importance of a Family Digital Detox

The Importance of a Family Digital Detox

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You know the scene: People sit together but stare at their separate screens in silence, each in his or her own world. We all know we spend too much time looking at our devices, but just how harmful is it?
A 2016 survey by Common Sense Media found that 77 percent of parents feel their teenagers are distracted by devices and don’t pay attention when their family is together. And 41 percent of teens feel the same way about their parents.

For many families, the solution is a digital detox vacation, during which electronic devices are not allowed and there’s no Wi-Fi access or cellular service.

Without digital distractions, families can actually look at each other across the dinner table and converse. They can create memories that will stick with them longer than an Instagram post will.
When working with frazzled families, travel agents should not hesitate to suggest an unplugged family vacation.

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