Family Holidays: 10 Places You Wouldn’t Think to Take Your Family

Family Holidays: 10 Places You Wouldn’t Think to Take Your Family

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Madagascar truly is the land of the bizarre. This extraordinary island, marooned during the break-up of the Gondwana supercontinent some 165 million years ago, carries a cargo of fauna and flora found nowhere else on earth. There are the famous lemurs, of course – at least 100 species of these beguiling primates, while some 80 per cent of Madagascar’s plant species are endemic, as are 90 per cent of its reptiles. Its chaotic capital Antananarivo is teeming with street markets and encircled by paddy fields that suggest South-east Asia rather than Africa. Amid the intrigues of nature and culture, it’s easy to forget that Madagascar is a tropical island – albeit one larger than France. By day, the beach traffic is endlessly diverting, from women bearing multi-coloured piles of “lamba” sarongs to a fisherman hauling a sailfish longer than himself from his dugout pirogue.

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