Family Ties: A My PADI Story

Family Ties: A My PADI Story

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My wife and I became PADI certified in the summer of 1993, right before our wedding day. Why? Because we wanted to go scuba diving during our honeymoon, which took us to the Caribbean on a Windjammer Cruise.

For several years that followed, we would dive whenever possible. Our trips to the Middle East (the Red Sea), Europe (the Mediterranean), Australia (the Great Barrier Reef), South America (the Galapagos) and even Africa (the Seychelles) all included wonderful underwater adventures.

All of that changed after the birth of our two sons.

I’m a firm believer that becoming a parent should not slow one down in terms of pursuing travel dreams. In fact, the options should actually broaden since sharing the world with your children is one of the best gifts you can give them. But scuba diving with an infant or young child just didn’t seem practical. So we didn’t record a dive in our logbooks for about 12 years.

That quickly changed when I discovered that a child as young 10 can get PADI certified! But it took an interesting twist of fate for me to learn about this.

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