Family Travel by Bicycle

Family Travel by Bicycle

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Most adults can’t quite remember the day they learned how to ride a bike. But if they have kids who are solid on two wheels, they certainly recall the glee of the first moment when each little one’s balance kicked in. That glee was anchored in a sense of accomplishment, of course, but also of movement, speed… and independence.

A family of cyclists on the Virginia Capital Trail

The Virginia Capital Trail is a multi-use paved trail in Virginia connecting Jamestown and Williamsburg to Richmond along Scenic Route 5. Photo courtesy of Virginia Tourism Corporation

For a great many people, cycling retains its magic even as the years pass. It continues to be liberating for adults too — a plunge into motion, self-reliance and sometimes exploration, perhaps even down memory lane.

“There is something nostalgic about being on a bike. It takes us back to simpler times,” says Rafa Mayer, Founder and CEO of Say Hueque, which specializes in customized tours for independent travelers in Argentina and Chile.

As a lifelong fan of bicycle touring who has pedaled many more miles than he has driven (in more than 40 countries), including as a bicycle tour operator/guide and bike expedition leader, I wholeheartedly agree.

So do growing numbers of families who take off each year on some multigenerational trip by bike, aided by tourism professionals who have turned their own freewheeling passions into businesses that serve those families.


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