Family Travel Don’t: Fear-Packing

Family Travel Don’t: Fear-Packing

Posted on April 2, 2015   •   Written by   •   Appears in National Geographic's Intelligent Travel

In my travel dreams, my family strides confidently through the airport, wheeling our carry-ons—the only bags we have with us—with expert precision while onlookers marvel at our packing efficiency. The home we left behind is meticulous, of course, as we lift off for our next destination.

In my travel reality, things aren’t quite that well-oiled.

We’re running through the airport in an every-man-for-himself dash for the gate and our house could easily be mistaken for the site of a hurried burglary. Clothes are strewn everywhere, emptied drawers are overturned on the bed, and closet doors stand ajar. I blame fear-packing.

Fear-packing is what happens in that last 24 hours before departure. It’s in those moments when, after having taken the time to think out the itinerary and whittle down your packing list to things you’ll actually need, your mind starts to play tricks on you.

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