Family Travel Radio – Affordable Vacations are as Simple as a Mindset Shift

Family Travel Radio – Affordable Vacations are as Simple as a Mindset Shift

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Author and freelance writer Erin Kirkland talks with Family Travel Radio’s Aaron Schlein about how travel is more affordable when parents shift their perspective.

Budget travel has “negative connotations,” Kirkland tells Schlein. “We need to start thinking about shifting our mindset, and make the phrases affordable and budget, come back to being something meaningful.”

In this episode, Schlein and Kirkland discuss how so many parents compare the quality of their family vacation with those of other families, especially in an era where social media can feed into this competition.

Parents need to move to a mindset that “where we are going is right for us, and where you are going is right for you…” and “allow ourselves to celebrate all of the destinations we visit,” Kirkland tells Schlein.

Kirkland believes that anywhere a family travels “has the potential to be a meaningful experience. The lens of kids is so simplistic and innocent, they will love where you are as long as you love it too,” she tells Schlein.

If budgeting is important, Kirkland recommends families pick destinations close to where you live that have natural and historical significance, like the places she experienced when she was a child. “We didn’t do anything extravagant, but it was always to see something significant,” she said.

Kirkland, her husband James, and sons Owen and Matt, maximize their enjoyment and budget in and around their hometown, Anchorage, Alaska. Living a commitment to Alaska’s children and youth, Kirkland has established a non-profit supporting 15 “Read On the Fly” bookshelves in Alaska airports, giving children the opportunity to pick up a free book while flying.

Kirkland, Alaska’s only family travel journalist, wrote the guidebook series entitled “Alaska On the Go,” required reading for families exploring the 49th state.

You can listen to Episode 12 by clicking here:

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