Five Questions about the ‘Every Kid in a Park’ Initiative

Five Questions about the ‘Every Kid in a Park’ Initiative

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On Feb. 19, over a thousand people crowded into the gym of the Gwendolyn Brooks College Preparatory Academy, a four-year magnet high school located on the south side of Chicago. They were there to see and hear President Obama name four new National Monuments – including one near this school – and to announce the “Every Kid in a Park” initiative.

As high school students clambered up into the bleachers, National Parks Service Director Jon Jarvis told me how excited he is about “Every Kid in a Park.” If it thrives over the next 16 years, he said, an entire generation of children will have visited the parks—some of them many times. And many of those kids might have otherwise never set foot in a National Park or other federal natural lands.

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