Flying with Kids: the Good, the Bad, the Body Fluids

Flying with Kids: the Good, the Bad, the Body Fluids

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It’s holiday season and while visiting family is wonderful, it can also be horrifying because traveling with small humans is a gamble. They don’t understand that plane’s gotta fly and cars gotta drive and that means they must be still or quiet, two things small humans aren’t very good at. There are plenty of lists about best travel practices with kids, but forget that. Let’s let our hair down and talk the real, shall we? On (almost) the night before Christmas, here are a few stories of what’s it’s actually like to travel with children and the kicker? Even if the tale begins hairy, everyone survives and reaches at their destination with some lessons learned—even if they’re spelled out in bodily fluids.

“I found that the route to sanity is to not really travel by plane with kids. We once went to St. John with our two boys when they were both still toddlers and one of them stood up and barfed on my head and cried and would not sit down the whole trip. Since then, we have had multiple trips which were almost ruined by someone’s projectile barf.”

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