“Free” Airline Seat Assignments for Families? It’s About Time

“Free” Airline Seat Assignments for Families? It’s About Time

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Family travel, as rewarding as it can be, is seldom easy. And with increasing airline fees for anything they can charge for, it’s also become much more expensive, especially for cost-conscious travelers who don’t fly enough to have airline status.

It’s not just needing to bring your own food, and pay for your bags. Now families have to pay just to be guaranteed to be seated together.

While surcharges started with seats with extra legroom, they’ve escalated to fees for seats that are no different from others on the plane except that they are farther forward, on the aisle, or the window.

In some cases — with Delta Air Lines and American Airlines especially — I’ve seen flights where a majority of seats have a surcharge. Seriously. And only the back several rows and scattered middle seats are “free.”

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