FTA Launches First Travel Agent Industry Guide

FTA Launches First Travel Agent Industry Guide

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The Family Travel Association is proud to announce the launch of our FTA Dude Ranch Guide, the first in a series of industry category tools that will be published in our new Travel Agent Resource Center.

These tools help the FTA’s travel agency members better understand the value and experience dude ranches create for families. The guide is designed to help agents through the process of seeking out potential clients, qualifying them for a dude ranch vacation, and then choosing the right ranch for their clients.

Our team is working with FTA members in four other industry categories to produce similar guides for ocean cruise line, tour operator, all-inclusive and river cruise members, and will publish these tools in the coming two months.

One of the FTA’s main goals is to help families discover the possibilities of the full range of vacation options available to them. Over the four years conducting the annual Family Travel Survey, only a small percentage of parents say they are visiting a dude ranch for vacation.

With this guide, we will begin to educate more travel advisors about dude ranches, help them introduce their clients to the option, and help agents experience with their customers the incredible value and memories only ranches can provide.

This guide was developed with leading experts in the field, and we would like to especially thank Gene Kilgore, Ranch Vacations; David Craig, C Lazy U Ranch; Susanne Walsh, White Stallion Ranch, and Colleen Hodson and Leah Bright, with the Dude Ranchers’ Association (DRA), under the direction of FTA Communications Director, Richard D’Ambrosio.

The Dude Ranch Guide will be formally introduced Friday, January 25th, at the DRA’s annual conference. FTA Travel Agency Initiative Director Sally Black, another key contributor to the guide, will be presenting to DRA membersthe value of working with FTA travel agent members.

These and other tools will be housed in the soon-to-launch FTA Travel Agent Resource Center.

We will be supporting the Resource Center tools with Facebook Live events at our FTA Links closed groups pages, as well as the FTA Agents Only closed group, so be certain to maximize your membership and join the groups that correspond with your membership.

Finally, we want to urge you to join us in building our Resource Center tools, by sending us your ideas, and contributing any expertise you might have for the next four guides. The power of the FTA’s resources is multiplied when we work together to help families discover the possibilities.

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3 responses to “FTA Launches First Travel Agent Industry Guide”

  1. Laurie Johnson says:

    Over the last 30+ years as a travel advisor and agency owner, I’ve had a number of inquiries about Dude Ranches, but I had little information to go by. Being a country gal and horse lover myself, I’d love to promote this type of vacation. Anyway, I am happy to hear of a guide now available for Travel Agencies & advisors. Looking forward to reading about the Dude Ranches, how they differ, what they offer – for all ages. As well as their relationship with us!!

    • Thanks Laurie. Stay in touch with us as you use the guide, and stay tuned as we bring more education to our FTA Links — Agents Only closed Facebook group,

    • Samantha Davis-Friedman says:

      Hi Laurie. I am a contributing editor for TravelAge West and Family Getaways. I am writing a story about the new FTA dude ranch guide. Can I use your quote?


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