Get your Clients Ready for a Little #TravelSauce

Get your Clients Ready for a Little #TravelSauce

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‘Grandma, would you please pass the incredible adventures?’

As fall settles in here in the Northern Hemisphere, the minds of your clients are inevitably starting to turn toward the holidays. Now is the time to add to your social media campaign plans a generous helping of #TravelSauce.

Inspired by an initiative by FTA Member OARS, this social media campaign asks FTA member companies to help us promote family travel planning over the holidays. It’s a slow drip social media campaign that provides a simple, but escalating message around leveraging the holidays as a great opportunity for your clients to plan their next vacation with you.

FTA members are asked to use this campaign to get people talking about your product – and about family travel in general.  Consistent use of the #TravelSauce hashtag is key.

In the U.S., for example, you can use October and early November to push your clients to contact you and order catalogs to have on hand for their holiday festivities in late November. Then you use Thanksgiving week to encourage them to sit with their families and start to plan their perfect family vacation for the coming year.

This strategy can be used around US and Canadian Thanksgiving, Christmas and other December holidays, and certainly specific, family-friendly national holidays observed in an FTA member’s own nation.

FTA has draft copy for you to use to promote this fall initiative. Contact Chez, the FTA’s Executive Director, to get a copy of the text!

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