Give Your Kids a Camera

Give Your Kids a Camera

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Last year, Rainer Jenss traveled around the world with his wife and two sons, and blogged about his experience here on Intelligent Travel. This year, he’s back with a new column that focuses on traveling with kids.

Shooting the Terra Cotta WarriorsLots of parents, myself included, are concerned about what affects all the electronics–and the digital age in general– are having on our children. Even though I’ve had success limiting their time playing video games, my sons seem to have discovered a newfound interest in computers, and it probably won’t be long until their curiosity with cell phones turns into full-blown obsession.

There is a new technology, however, that I fully encourage my boys to use as often as their little hearts desire: a digital camera. Fortunately, this didn’t require a whole lot of coercing when we traveled around the world last year. In fact, they were so into shooting that when Tyler accidentally broke his camera about halfway through the trip, we may as well have gone home if we didn’t get him a new one right then and there.

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