Happy Holidays From the FTA

Happy Holidays From the FTA

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If you’re like me, you’re very happy to see a new year on the horizon. We’re finally at the end of what was, without a doubt, one of the strangest and most difficult years most of us have experienced. And 2021 can’t come fast enough!

We have all seen so many friends, family and fellow FTA members suffer this year. And, like all of you, my heart goes out to them. The loss all of us experienced this year — and some more than others — has been difficult to bear. The travel industry, in particular, was hit disproportionately hard by COVID-19, and many of us have seen our dearest colleagues leave the business.

Fortunately, 2021 is expected to bring at least the beginning of a rebound in travel. Successful vaccines are being administered even as you read this — hopefully signaling the beginning of the end of this awful chapter.

One thing we know without a doubt is that families all over the world are thinking about the day when they will be able to travel again. Demand for travel is as strong as it has ever been, and when the time is right, the industry will be ready to happily accommodate that demand.

We also know that the FTA will be there to support families and the industry, every step of the way. Thanks to the hard work of our members, volunteers, partners and staff, I can say with confidence that the FTA will make it through this crisis, and we will be able to continue our vision of inspiring and empowering families to travel and help them discover what is possible.

So, here’s to happy holidays for all and a great new year.

Kenneth Shapiro
President of the FTA Board of Directors

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