Holiday Bonus: A Beloved Aunt with Cash

Holiday Bonus: A Beloved Aunt with Cash

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Melanie Notkin of the Upper West Side founded

IT’S the holiday phrase that children learned to dread growing up — “Open this present. It’s from your aunt” — as dreams of tube socks and itchy sweaters danced wearily in their heads.

Dr. Joyce Lee, 34, is having none of that. Considering what to get her 4-year-old niece this Christmas, Dr. Lee is deciding between a few designs in the LEGO Architecture series (including a 561-piece replica of the White House), and she may add some books to the pile. But there won’t be a corduroy jumper in sight.

“That’s the luxury of being an aunt,” said Dr. Lee, a pulmonologist who lives in Los Angeles. “I don’t have to buy things she needs. I can buy the things that I want.”

Dr. Lee, who is single, is part of a demographic that advertisers are increasingly trying to reach, especially during the holiday shopping frenzy: the PANK, or Professional Aunt, No Kids.

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