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Just as we started to slowly work our way towards reopening our devastated economy, another crisis took a hold of the U.S. very different from COVID-19. This one deeply seeded in our culture and profoundly personal. Racism and discrimination exists in every aspect of our society, including travel. As such, the FTA will continue to actively listen to our members’ concerns when it comes to racial bias and injustice while advocating for family travel as a tool that allows us to celebrate diversity, not fear it. With all the unsettling headlines so far this year, there are, however signs of hope for the future, especially for family travel. In this newsletter, we wanted to share some positive stories about our members and let everyone know what the research and industry experts are telling us about what we should expect in the weeks and months ahead. Please don’t forget to visit our FTA Links community page on Facebook to share your stories and let your voice be heard!

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