Industry Newsletter Archive

Industry Newsletter Archive


FTA 2018 Summit Registration is Now Open

Week of February 26 | read more

Travel shows, survey results and expert voices in family travel

Week of January 22 | read more

Help us take the family travel pulse of 2018

Week of January 8 | read more



Happy Holidays and New Year!

Week of December 25 | read more

A time of great family travel expectations

Week of December 11 | read more

Casting an Ever-Wider Family Travel Net

Week of November 27 | read more

Celebrating the Success of the 2017 FTA Summit

Week of November 13 | read more

Special Edition: October FTA Summit Success!

Week of October 23 | read more

Family Traveller launches in U.S. with FTA Partnership

Week of October 2 | read more

The Latest News About the FTA Summit, Now Just Two Months Away!

Week of August 28 | read more

Only Three Months Until the FTA Summit! Have You Registered?

Week of July 24 | read more

FTA Launches into Summer with Agents, Summits and More in Its Sights

Week of June 26 | read more

FTA Taps Top Agents for Industry Intel

Week of May 30 | read more

FTA Announces Its 2017 Summit Theme: Better Together!

Week of April 24 | read more

FTA Guides Growing Family Travel Energy Down Multiple Channels

Week of March 20 | read more

FTA Revs up Plans to Work More with Travel Agents

Week of February 20 | read more

Save the Date! The 2017 FTA Summit Will Be Held in… (read below)

Week of January 30 | read more



FTA Rounds Out 2016 with High Hopes for the Year Ahead

Week of December 19 | read more

It’s Already a Busy Post-Summit Season!

Week of November 28 | read more

Special Edition: 2016 FTA Summit is a Great Success: Here’s the Recap

Week of November 14 | read more

The 2016 FTA Summit Begins… on Sunday!

Week of October 17 | read more

One Month to Go Until the FTA Summit!

Week of September 19 | read more

Leap into Fall with the FTA: Summits, Partnerships, Happy Hours and More

Week of August 15 | read more

A Major Victory for Families That Fly, Supported by the FTA!

Week of July 25 | read more

Our FTA Summer Has Started Out HOT!

Week of June 20 | read more

The Continuing Growth of Family Travel… and the FTA

Week of May 16 | read more

FTA Is Helping Families Get Back in Touch with Nature

Week of April 25 | read more

Family Travel Experiences Come in All Varieties

Week of April 11 | read more

FTA Welcomes Influx of Dude Ranch Members

Week of March 28 | read more

As the FTA Pieces Fall into Place, Watch What Happens!

Week of March 14 | read more

Save the Date! The 2016 FTA Summit Is Coming to… (see inside)

Week of February 29 | read more

Congressional Push for Families Flying Together Act Has Mixed Results

Week of February 15 | read more

FTA Helps Congress Push for Families Flying Together Act

Week of February 1 | read more

Disney Joins and the New York Times Travel Show Features the Family Travel Association

Week of January 22 | read more

Happy New Year! We’re Diving into 2016 with a Strong Foundation

Week of January 4 |  read more




FTA Finishes Up 2015 with a Bang

Week of December 14 |  read more

FTA Eyes Partnerships, Media and Action in 2016

Week of November 30 | read more

FTA Rolls Out Some New Member Advantages

Week of November 16 | read more

FTA Spotlight Editorial Campaign Eases into Gear

Week of November 2 | read more

SPECIAL EDITION: 2015 Family Travel Association Summit Recap

Week of October 26 |  read more

New Partnerships, Members and Media Growth

Week of October 19 |  read more

In the Busy Wake of the Family Travel Association Summit

Week of October 5 | read more

SPECIAL EDITION: FTA Summit a Smashing Success!

Week of September 28 | read more

Just a Few Days Until the Inaugural Family Travel Association Summit

Week of September 21 | read more

SPECIAL EDITION: FTA Spotlight – Re/Defining Family Travel

Week of September 14 | read more

The Inaugural Family Travel Association Summit Is SOLD OUT

Week of September 7 | read more

FTA Adds Powerful New Presence to Its Board of Advisors

Week of August 24, 2015 | read more

FTA Hires Industry Veteran as Executive Director

Week of August 10 | read more

FTA Spotlight Now Squarely in the Family Travel Spotlight

Week of July 13 |  read more

Let’s Work Together to Re/Define Family Travel

Week of June 29 |  read more

Revving Up to a Fantastic Family Travel Summer (and Happy Father’s Day)

Week of June 15 | read more

Family Travel Gains in Influence! Will All Parts of the Market Follow?

Week of June 1 | read more

Who Knew That Family Travel Had So Much Going for It? We Did!

Week of May 18 | read more

We’re Finding Family Travel’s True Center of Gravity

Week of May 4 | read more

We’re in Print, on Radio, on TV, in Person and in Pixels!

Week of April 20 | read more

We Relaunched Our Website and Made Some Noise!

Week of April 6 | read more

Traveling Families Love Camping, Among Other Things

Week of March 23 |  read more

Capturing Leading Family Travel Voices

Week of March 9 |  read more

With Spring Soon Sprung, So Are We!

Week of February 23| read more 

We’re Growing Steadily!

Week of January 26|  read more

Our Inaugural Newsletter!

Week of January 12 |  read more

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