Kid-Friendly Animal Adventures

Kid-Friendly Animal Adventures

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If your child loves animals, they’ll go wild for these vacation picks that’ll let them get close and personal with the critters.

Kids adore animals —they’re fun, exciting, and sometimes completely weird. Which is exactly why planning a vacation with wildlife as a main attraction is always a win. There’s nothing quite like seeing the world’s great creatures in their natural habitats (or nearly so). Plus, it’s almost impossible not to learn something new along the way. We’ve got everything you need to know to plan a wild trip!

Meet the beasts
Animal sightings are never guaranteed in the wild, but you can increase your chances with these steps.

Research the best viewing seasons
Animals move around a lot and are often only in certain places at certain times of the year. Find out which critters hang out near your vacation destination, and research their migration and mating habits. Check out for guidance.

Consider the ages of your children
Older kids are generally better at being patient and quiet while waiting for harder-to-spot animals like birds or whales, while younger kids might do better with visiting a ranch or farm that offers specific activities for kids. (Pony rides, anyone?)

Pick a time: dusk or dawn
Or both! Many animals are most active early in the morning—while others tend to get rowdy at dusk. Mid-day isn’t a great choice because most animals tend to rest then.


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