Kid Safety on Vacation – 50 Things You Must Know Before Traveling

Kid Safety on Vacation – 50 Things You Must Know Before Traveling

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The last thing any parent wants to think about is the worse case scenario, but it is so direly important to consider it in advance. The proper planning and education can mean the difference, literally between life or death. Sadly, a lot of these tips are tips because it happened somewhere to someone else. Travel preparation is often taken lightly because it is fun: what suitcase, what socks, what else? Safety is often overlooked or not talked about because it is NOT fun.

It’s not fun to think of our own children being kidnapped, or injured or dying. It’s not fun imagining yourself that completely and utterly helpless, that far away from home. Or worse: our children being helpless if something happened to you. So do the hard planning, have the hard talks and teach the hard lessons. Preparing our families for safety should be #1 on our travel to-do lists, because with a bit of preparation and a lot of mindfulness we can help to keep our children safe while we teach and explore and discover the world around us.

I’ve left out some of the more obvious and common sense tips, the ones that are often repeated elsewhere like “carry first aid kits” and “use a seat belt” in favor for the often times overlooked like checking insurance plans or just straight genius like how to search for a toddler at the beach.

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