Lake Placid with Kids

Lake Placid with Kids

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Last year, Rainer Jenss traveled around the world with his wife and two sons, and blogged about his experience here on Intelligent Travel. Now he’s writing a column that focuses on traveling with kids.

When asked for travel advice, I usually recommend people try to visit a place during its “shoulder season” to take advantage of smaller crowds, cheaper rates, and in many cases, better weather. Although it can be impractical with children of school age, Yellowstone National Park is a prime case in point, as is a place like Greece, which we traveled to in mid-May – the time before its majestic islands and famous attractions are usually overtaken by waves of summertime crowds and heat.

As the world becomes more accessible and the tourist dollar proves more important to local economies, an increasing number of destinations are trying to bring in visitors during what are typically their slower periods. Various spots throughout the Caribbean, for example, offer not only bargain prices in the summer months, but festivals featuring local culture, top-name entertainers, and special events to attract incoming vacationers. Aware of this growing trend, our family decided to spend a few days in Lake Placid, NY this summer – a destination certainly better known for its winter pursuits than anything else. Like many resort towns that have traditionally thrived only when there’s snow on the ground, the city that hosted the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympic Games is now offering activities geared to families and outdoor enthusiasts year-round.

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