The Latest and Greatest in Baby and Toddler Travel Gear

The Latest and Greatest in Baby and Toddler Travel Gear

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Many parents, as adventurous as they might have been before having children, deem travel a no-go, literally. Wanderlust and wee ones don’t mix, they declare. Or do they?

Parenthood is an experience shared across cultures and continents, not barred by language, religion, or race; and children – the ultimate icebreaker. We realized this in Lisbon with our own daughter, then a roly-poly seven-month-old, as grandmothers approached us and inspected her, inquiring about how many teeth she had, if she was crawling, if she slept through the night. A kind hostess at a restaurant, a mother herself, insisted upon holding her so my husband and I might eat a bite in peace. Had we not had our daughter with us, we would have missed these conversations, the photos and stories of cheery faces shown off to us on mobile phones, reminders that our daily joy and exhaustion are shared the world over.

That’s not to say that travel with very young ones is easy though. There’s the plane ride and the aftermath: jetlag, unfamiliar foods, new beds and spaces. It’s enough to jolt you and your wanderlust right back to you reality. But…with planning and perseverance (see our tips and gear guide below), trips with babies and toddlers can truly be fun and enriching. You’re making memories with them, for them. It’s an adventure, right?

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