Life Travel Map by Global CommUnity

Life Travel Map by Global CommUnity

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Raising a global citizen takes planning

The key years for travel with your child are ages 5 to 18.  During those 13 years, families are also juggling extracurricular activities and life road bumps that will further limit your travel time options.  That is why Global CommUnity created the Life Travel Map.  You can study the destination itineraries here and create your own plan, or for a fee, Global CommUnity offers Life Travel Map, an interactive digital map that details the recommended key trips for you, based on an interview with you and your family members. Life Travel Map gives you a visual master plan that is crafted by family travel experts based on your unique family interests, priorities and resources. The Life Travel Map fee is $500.

As they work with you to create your Life Travel Map you will:

  • Complete a detailed Online Survey
  • Complete a family interview with a specially trained Life Travel Map advisor in person or via another method.
  • Receive an interactive digital travel map of recommended trips with suggested itineraries and a timeline for scheduling those journeys.
  • This map will be offer a visual master plan for you and your travel advisor to use when planning your future family travels.  If you do not currently work with a travel advisor, Global Community would be happy to connect you with an experienced advisor.

To find out more about Global CommUnity call 629.888.3403 or email


Global CommUnity is an innovative travel company, focused on helping families explore the world via carefully curated age-appropriate itineraries. Exclusively offering private family journeys, they’ve organized their itineraries into those for families with adult children, families with young children 12 and under and families with teenagers, all with extensive pre-trip destination engagement materials presented in a relatable manner. Global CommUnity o?ers long-term family travel planning for up to 15 years based upon an in-depth interview of the whole family. An interactive digital map is prepared for the family which outlines recommended destinations, dates and itineraries. Local, on-the-ground expertise allows families to experience the heart and soul of each destination, immersing their children into new cultures and enabling a deeper appreciation of others. Travelers with Global CommUnity will have an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the betterment or preservation of the destination and its inhabitants through the company’s unique tours, community involvement exercises and the charitable foundations the company is associated with.

Global CommUnity was founded by experts in the travel sector including; travel specialist and graphic designer Christie Holmes, CEO and founder of JG Worldwide Jena Gardner, founder of Departure Lounge Keith Waldon and Lorelei Calvert who is Global CommUnity’s COO and came from Texas Monthly and Andrew Harper Travel. Through their joint experiences of working with brands, travel clients and conscientious travelers over the years – particularly families – the concept of Global CommUnity was born.

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