Living History in Athens

Living History in Athens

Posted on August 7, 2015   •   Written by

“The best part of being in Athens is the ability to explore across centuries,” says Eleni Vainas, a Greek-American poet, animator, and longtime resident of the capital of Greece. “Walking around Athens is a living history lesson. Modern is juxtaposed with ancient, and art is featured throughout the city in ways that touch people on an everyday basis.”

Any child who has taken basic world history classes knows about Athens and its indelible contribution to Western civilization. But studying a place and its heritage is far different from actually being there, especially if you are on a flat-topped hill called the Acropolis, gazing up at one of the most perfect structures ever built by man — the Parthenon.

Where indeed would we be without the ancient Greeks, their legacy of philosophy and democracy, their obsession with figuring out how Earth and the heavens function, their groundbreaking strides in mathematics and medicine?

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