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Bound Round is a custom content creator and distributor for the travel industry, specialising in family travel. We create meaningful content that speaks to tweens, educates and engages them in the travel planning process, and encourages them to share their views with peers around the world.

Bound Round is also the publisher of the world’s first peer-to-peer travel platform by kids, for kids, where they can share their own travel stories, videos and reviews with peers.

Our mission is to create fun and educational travel experiences which kids can have anywhere, and in doing so improve literacy and cross-cultural understanding.

Want to know a city’s hidden secrets? The best thing to do is ask a local kid! Bound Round kids tell you what not to miss in their hometowns via Watch their videos for recommendations on the best way to spend time on holidays.

The Bound Round Travel app is also available in the App Store.

Bound Round was the 2014 Winner for Innovation in Travel at the Travel Distribution Summit – Singapore.

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