Kathy Buckworth

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Categories: Author, Journalist, Writer

Status: Freelance

Personal Websites: www.kathybuckworth.com


Personal Statement

Kathy Buckworth is an award winning author of six books. She writes for Metro News, Post City Magazines, GoodLife Magazine, Huffington Post and other online and print publications on a regular basis. She does a radio segment on Sirius/XM “How She Travels” as well as a monthly travel television segment on CHCH Morning Live in Hamilton. Kathy focuses on family travel, outdoor adventure travel, fitness travel, and a combination of all three, particularly for teens and older. Kathy has a strong social media following, particularly on Twitter.

Sample Work

Have Kid, Will Travel (Sirius/XM)

French Alps, Club Med Style (GoodLife Magazine)

Yosemite – One Big Natural Fitness Centre (Huffington post, originally run in Metro News)

Why Do Canadians Love Florida So Much? (Huffington Post)

Traveling in the Summer with your Kids (CTV Ottawa)

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