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Personal Statement

Kristi Mehes lives in Tucson, Arizona. She’s married and has a son who is preschool aged. Her parents instilled in her the love for travel at a young age, when they would take her and her sister on road trips throughout the United States and Canada. While studying as an undergraduate, she and her sister backpacked their way through Italy and Spain. She would later study abroad in London, which served as a hub to experience other countries like France, Scotland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. She’s also traveled to Mexico, Central America and the Mediterranean. Now that she’s a mom, her vacations have taken on a different direction – she and her husband try to seek out vacations that are family friendly, which usually involve frequent trips to theme parks, the beach, and cruises.

She writes about family travel on her website, The Cactus Chronicles, and she’s also a regular contributor on TravelingMom. One of her favorite aspects of traveling is researching her family’s next vacation. She enjoys sharing her love for travel with others, as well as giving advice to those who are thinking about traveling to a particular destination with their family.

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