Michael Hodgson

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Categories: Author, Blogger, Journalist, Videographer

Status: Freelance

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Personal Statement

I am passionate about travel, art, writing, communication, discovery, creativity, inspiration, ideas and vision. As an artist, I have always enjoyed sketching and painting in my journals, but recently started creating artwork exclusively on my iPad. My art is inspired by my travels around the world and, like drawings in my travel journal, provide snapshots of the world through my eyes. I am honored that some of my artwork has been sold exclusively to raise funds for philanthropic causes and non-profits, such as Big City Mountaineers. As a writer / journalist, I have authored more than sixteen books and penned hundreds of feature articles over the years. Now, I am focused exclusively on travel writing for the website / travel blog I launched in partnership with my wife, Therese Iknoian – HITravelTales.com. Through stories, art and video, I enjoy getting immersed in the world of reality I experience and the universe of imagination and Inspiration I am able to create for others. When I am not traveling I am a partner in a consulting agency that specializes in helping businesses around the world succeed. You can learn more by going to my LinkedIn page, or to NewNormalConsulting.com.

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