Meet the Unlikely Airbnb Hosts of Japan

Meet the Unlikely Airbnb Hosts of Japan

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Airbnb host and guest in Japan

Let me introduce you to Yoppy. Yoppy is young and friendly and lives in a small apartment in the Shinagawa neighborhood of Tokyo. His full name is Yuhsuke Yoshimoto, but at least with visitors who come to stay with him through his listing on Airbnb, he prefers to go by Yoppy. He wears heavy-framed black glasses, has a boyish haircut and likes to talk to foreigners, even though his English is admittedly poor. In the one photo I’ve seen of him — his profile shot on Airbnb — he’s wearing a navy blazer, a collared shirt and a thin silver necklace. He smiles at the camera in a pleasant but not overbearing way. It would be hard, I imagine, not to like Yoppy if you were to meet him at a dinner party or at a gathering of pharmacists or financial planners (according to his profile, Yoppy is both a pharmacist and a financial planner), but still that says little about how you would feel when putting your toothbrush on the sink next to his late at night in a city that’s far, far from home.

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