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Explore Europe on two wheels! Traveling by bike is the perfect vehicle for your family to teach, learn, and be active together. offers more than 200 tours across Europe with opportunities galore for families of all ages, ability levels, and budgets. And our tour advisors are also here to answer your questions and help you choose and book the perfect tour for your whole gang!

Have wee ones in tow? There are tours with bike trailers available, allowing the unique sights to pass by as they ride (or recline) in style. For teens and “tweens,” there are multi-sport adventures, where the abundance of cycling, hiking, kayaking and more won’t leave a second for an “I’m-bored” muttering. And then, of course, for the parents, there’s culture, wine, castles and more around every bend in the road.

Grandparents want in on the fun, too? For those that aren’t interested in cycling, bike and boat tours offer non-riding travelers a chance to sit on board and relax on the water during your day’s ride. Or try out an e-bike — they’re a great equalizer for groups with different ability (and interest!) levels to ride comfortably together.

Each bicycle tour is a new chance to discover your world on two wheels. Visit us at and be sure to check out our nearly 30 family-friendly bicycle tours. Get in touch with our tour advisor team at (877) 462-2423 or

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