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Yes, you can still travel to Cuba. Travel to Cuba is safe and legal.

Imagine a time when life was simple. People treated each other well, and all that mattered was being together. Smile as you feel the breeze tussle your hair, inhale the salty ocean air, and pull your loved ones close. Responsibilities melt away. Emails don’t exist. An ice cold mojito, or a freshly cracked coconut is at your fingertips. At last—you’re unreachable.

Cuba is now open to Americans for the first time in over five decades. And savvy travelers understand that now is the best time in history to visit Cuba.

CUBA CANDELA is a true travel aficionado specializing in private custom journeys for couples and families. We are passionate about creating meaningful cultural connections in this extremely safe, culturally vibrant destination with pleasantly limited internet and a way of life that reminds us what really matters—being together.

In 2018, Cuba was named the safest country in the world for tourists to visit by the Madrid International Tourism Fair.

You enjoy. We handle everything.

Our private journeys may be customized specifically for multi-generational families based on age and personal interests. CUBA CANDELA provides accommodations and transport, personalized concierge services, intimate and rich experiences, artfully planned for maximum impact. We handle all legal and logistical aspects in full compliance with U.S. regulations.

Island Magic for all!

Experience the wonder of disconnecting digitally and connecting personally. Watch your children become enthralled in their surroundings, engage in meaningful discussions with locals and learn what’s truly important in life—strong relationships with loved ones. Ride in a vintage convertible car down El Malecón, explore Havana’s rich artistic history, learn about Cuban food through an unforgettable and immersive cooking class, witness young boxers train, catch a baseball game or visit local community projects. The entire family is sure to gain new perspective from each unique adventure. We continuously discover and rediscover new activities to ensure our guests are getting insider access to the real Cuban experience, far from the big tour buses. These are private journeys for yours only.

Come explore the island magic with us. We take care of everything from the moment you land to the moment you leave.


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